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January 27


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closed 300 points giveawayCLOSED

Mon Jan 27, 2014, 10:23 PM

hello I'll be doing 300 Catch them points  giveaway .

please read carefully 

there will be 2 kinds of winners 

  • the Added to my devWatch! winners : 2 winners will be selected from my watchers list each will win 100 Points La 
  • the journal winners : 2 other winners will be selected from this journal and each will win 50 Points La  (must follow the rules)  you don't have to watch me unless you like my artSweating a little... 
  1. fav+fav this journal (this is how I will chose the journal winners  ) 
  2. Added to my devWatch! me ( this is how I'll choose the watchers winner ) please fav this journal too thank you :hug:
  3. any one will enter this giveaway must write a journal about it and link it back in the comments + fav+fav  this journal
  4. please note that if I choose a winner and it turned out that this winner didn't follow all the rules I'll choose some one else 
deadline is 3rd of March 2014 GOOD LUCK

PS: point commissions will be open soon so if you are interested keep an eye on my journal updates 

now some of my  art :P

commission :Hie by DinaHelmi

Tree of gold by DinaHelmi

commission :Ashkae by DinaHelmi

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